Print Design: Plantable Seed Paper

If you're looking for a memorable design idea for your next handout or mailer, this one speaks for itself.

Each handmade sheet of Plantable Seed Paper is full of flower, herb or vegetable seeds and will really grow when planted and watered.

This paper is a great vehicle for eco-friendly or growth themes. In addition, it can be useful for anyone who wants to have a presence in their audience’s home, or a reason for the audience to think of their brand or event when watering flowers, chopping basil or biting into a tomato.

The Plantable Seed Card as follows was an inserted component in a mailing project and printed in one color black, two sides on White Wildflower Plantable Seed stock: 

(This one mailed with its own folding flowerpot!)

Plantable Seed Paper is an uncoated sheet with a handcrafted feel, and is bumpy throughout from the embedded seeds. It prints great, and lends itself to an array of unique and useful design ideas.

More photos up now in our gallery. Good luck. Happy printing!

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